cr helicopter

Bob Cloutier - Owner / Chief Flight Instructor
Bob has over 8 thousand hours of helicopter flight time and has been flying in New England for over 30 years.

Louise Cloutier - Owner

Justin Cloutier - A&P Mechanic
Robinson R22/R44Factory Trained
Rolls Royce RR300 Factory Trained


John Young - CFII

John graduated with honors from Daniel Webster College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management / Flight Operations. With more than 25 years of aviation experience, he holds a commercial pilot certificate, is rated in single and multi-engine airplanes, helicopters and is instrument rated in airplanes and helicopters. John is an instrument helicopter flight instructor and instrument ground instructor. John is a member of the National Association of Flight Instructors and an FAA Safety Team Representative.

Mattia Viero - CFI - CR Helicopters Graduate



Chris Lucas - CFII -

CR Helicopters prides itself on hiring the best trained instructors.
That is why we do hire our Graduates and are the only school in New England that does this.


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